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With helping you staying Calm & Healthy, I support you to focus on your health in a holistic way in alliance with your personal life story.

Every cell in our body is working towards a higher goal.

If you take a detailed look - it's just a tiny cell - but if you combine enough cells, they build Organs, fluids like blood and much more! 

All of these specified cells and constructs play a important role for your body and help to keep you a life every sigle day.

When it comes to an illness, we tend to only look at a small piece of whole domino structure by trying to cure only symptoms.



My Goal is to go deeply into the search for the source of your suffering, together with you.

Contact me, whenever you feel ready to make a sustainable change to improve your quality of life.

I am happy to make time for you and listen to your story in a short online consultation.

If we agree to work together, we will arrange a detailed anamnesis in the next step.


Take good care of your health, because there are more than  thausand diseases,

 but only one  "health"


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"The highest source of healing lies inside of oneself"